The case contains:

- The Aircraft Manual, reference work for preparing the PPL and the LAPL.

- The progression booklet

- recap sheets in Weather

- the recap sheets Flight preparation and management

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The Airplane Manual:

Program considered Aircrew compliant for use in ATO section 1 and DTO

Step by step, educational content that guarantees successful learning, this manual provides you with the basic theory, technology and practical data, as well as the necessary knowledge and know-how. This book is useful and essential for student pilots. For teachers, it is also a reassuring tool. Finally, it is a relevant means of maintaining the knowledge and skills of licensed pilots.

The phases of the Handbook :

Phase 1: Knowledge of the aircraft
Phase 2: Basic piloting
Phase 3: Aerodromes, Radiotelephony and Air Traffic
Phase 4: Navigation
Phase 5: Meteorology
Phase 6: Advanced piloting
Phase 7: Flight preparation and management
Phase 8: The institutional framework
Phase 9: European licences
Phase 10: Human performance and its limits

The richness of the index is a great help

-          for the learner, allowing an effective learning and revision work

-          and for the instructor, facilitating his quick searches.

The table of figures is a second valuable research tool; It lists the 570 figures of the manual.

Compliance and regulatory monitoring:

DTO and ATO compliant curriculum for theory and practice, PPL(A) and LAPL(A)

In this 18th edition, the following regulatory changes are taken into account:
- Regulation (EU) SERA (European Standard of Rules of the Air) No. 923/2012 for rules of the air
- Regulation (EU) AIROPS No 965/2012 for the operation of aircraft in a non-commercial activity (Annex VII – NCO)
- Regulation (EU) AIRCREW No 1178/2011 for licences.

Thus, this Manual follows the FCL compliance framework:
-  It complies with AMC 1 FCL 210 / AMC 1 FCL 215 for theoretical training to obtain the PPL – A. (FCL 020, FCL 200, FCL 205, FCL 210 , FCL 215, FCL 235, AMC 1 FCL 235, AMC 3 FCL 235).
- It complies with AMC 1 FCL 115 / AMC 1 FCL 120, 125 for theoretical training to obtain the LAPL – A. (FCL 100, FCL 105  , FCL 110, FCL 115, FCL 120, FCL 125).

All points of the Syllabus are dealt with.



The progress manual is a single document for LAPL and PPL.

In theory, theory and flight instruction courses are linked in the ideal teaching process, but the instructor will adapt according to the situation encountered. This is only a guide, not a constraint. 

Before each upcoming class, the teacher can easily ask students to prepare: he mentions the content of the "Airplane Manual".

The teacher will check each item according to the progress of the students: in the process of obtaining, achieving the goal and mastering the goal.

The entire course is only checked after mastering all the course items, the instructor will return to the items that have not been "mastered" as many times as necessary.

As for the cartridges summarizing each flight, they are common to both Licenses and follow each other thus facilitating chronological tracking. The Instructor (whether the usual or an IF taking over) will easily visualize the stage reached by the Student.

The Skills dimension was taken into account while avoiding complicating the Instructor's task; Each item is already assigned one or more skills ; box(es) that the Instructor will check when the time comes.

- the "Theory & Flight Instruction Matrices" allows the instructor to follow and pilot the student's progress throughout the training.  This is a coherent whole, in line with the EASA directives.

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