Cadet P51C Helmet for Kids

P51C Cadet

The Cadet P51C helmet is the perfect choice for young, aspiring pilots. Designed to fit children's heads, this professional-grade helmet offers optimal comfort and maximum safety. The vintage design of the P51C is reminiscent of the famous fighter jets of World War II, and kids will love thinking of themselves as real pilots while playing. Available in several sizes, the Cadet P51C helmet is a perfect gift for small aviation enthusiasts.

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Not only does the Pilot Cadet protect your child's hearing, but the headphones also have a music input so they can listen to their favorite songs on their IPOD or plug in a game console. Perfect for entertaining your kids while you love flying.

We are also happy to replace the headband for free as your child grows.

Features include:

  • Music input: Yes
  • Boom type: Flexible
  • Earbuds: Airfoam
  • Head cushion: Air-Foam
  • Microphone: PA7 electret
  • Volume: Headset Control
  • Stereo/Mono:
  • Com Cord: Attached
  • Weight: 425 g
  • Warranty: 5 years
  • Extras: Designed for kids
  • Small headband, free upgrade to adult
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