Oil YACCO AVX 500 4T 10W40


AVX 500 4T-SAE 10W40 engine oil YACCO is a 100% semi-synthetic engine oil designed to meet the requirements of different light aircraft engine manufacturers.

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The AVX 500 4T-SAE 10W40 YACCO oil is particularly suitable for turbocharged naturally aspirated 4-stroke engines, whether or not they are equipped with hydraulic pushers, including engines used in harsh operating conditions (schools, trailer banners, etc.).

The AVX 500 4T-SAE 10W40 YACCO oil has an exclusive formula to meet the requirements of the integrated gearbox and torque limiter.

Features and benefits:

AVX 500 4T-SAE 10W40 YACCO oil provides excellent oil stability at high temperatures. It has improved dispersion properties to prevent the formation of deposits.

AVX 500 4T-SAE 10W40 YACCO oil is suitable and recommended for leaded and unleaded fuel engines.

Do not use this oil in aircraft engines where ash-free piston engine oil is recommended (Continental, Lycoming, Rolls-Royce, Jabiru, etc.).

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