Engine oil TOTAL AERO 80

  • Break-in oil for piston engines.
  • Often used for lubrication of vintage aircraft.
  • Format 1L

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  • For the lubrication of piston engines under low load, also for historical aircraft, for example, from the First and Second World Wars.
  • The AERO 80 in particular is suitable for engine break-in.


  • Based on mineral oil. 
  • High viscosity index. 
  • Very good resistance to oxidation.
  • Low freezing point. 

Mineral oil containing no additives, except for small amounts of freezing point depressor and low-hardening antioxidant. 

type of oil (lubricants)   Aviation oil

Suitable for piston aircraft engines that operate in harsh and very harsh conditions

operating conditions where oil containing dispersant-based additives is not required,

burn-in oil for piston engines (AERO 80).

Viscosity index 97
Freezing point (°C) -15

Flash point (°C)

Oil change interval The service interval always depends on the recommendations of the equipment manufacturer, follow the instructions of the
Technical manual (maintenance book), if you do not have it, contact us.

Storage capacity

5 years (ideal temperature from 5°C to 25°C)
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