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High-quality tarpaulin for Piper PA-28 aircraft


Our PREMIUM Piper PA-28 aircraft protection tarpaulin is designed to protect your aircraft equipment from weather and dust. Made from premium materials, this tarpaulin is UV and tear resistant, and is easy to put on and remove. Available in a variety of colors, this tarpaulin is adapted to the shape of your aircraft and guarantees maximum protection. Choose quality and durability with our PREMIUM protective tarpaulin for Piper PA-28 aircraft.

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Our covers are custom made. Easy to install, it is a lightweight version that weighs about 3kg.

Delivered in its storage bag, this case is ideal for aircraft that are stored outdoors or in a hangar.

It protects the windows and paint of your aircraft from heat and weather.

Allows to lower by 10 ° C the temperature inside the aircraft in the sun in the middle of summer.

The cover is firmly held to the aircraft thanks to these straps. It will resist the wind thanks to elastics that allow you to tighten the straps as well as possible.

Plastic buckles allow for quick and easy installation and removal.

Each cover is lined with soft cotton inside to respect the paint of the aircraft.


The main material of the covers is polyester on the outside.

- Reinforced seams of the straps.

- Extremely strong, but very light.

- Waterproof, but open to steam.

- Resistant to chemicals, but chemically inert.



- Light gray color outside, brown interior,

- Protection against UV rays, dirt, hail,

- Protection of your cockpit and instruments against heat,

- Perfectly fitted custom covers,

- Simple and practical handling,

- Long life of your cover,

- Designed in a material that respects the paint of the aircraft.

- Manufacturing time 3 weeks.

Our tarpaulins are sold with a storage bag.

We have several possible aircraft models. Contact us to get a tarpaulin from another aircraft model.


If the aircraft is equipped with an antenna at the tarpaulin, then adaptation is necessary. Included in the price, free option.

If you need to provide an antenna, please indicate by message several information when ordering:

  1. Indicate the make and model of the antenna if known;
  2. Indicate the distance of the antenna from the edge of the plexiglass, the distance from the center line, and on which side of the line the antenna is located.
  3. Upload a photo of the antenna to the aircraft.

In case of doubt, you can call us, we are here to help you.

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