Aircraft transponder antenna COMANT CI-105 FAA-TSO


Stud mounting blade with two internal holes of Comant style transponder antenna with BNC port.

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The frequency range supports ADS-B Out and DME Applications: 960-1220 MHz (L Band - XPDR / ADS-B Out / DME).

Suitable for bottom mounting with single light fixed wing engine/twin-engine aircraft and helicopters.

The CI-105 is a standard transponder antenna and can be used for C and S mode transponders.

Ridden with a female BNC. You will need to order a male BNC depending on the type of coaxial cable you are using (RG 142 or RG 58).

This antenna is compatible with all aviation transponders.

This antenna can be used with all transponders and is approved by GARMIN for use with the GTX345. It is included the required gasket.

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