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New custom-made coaxial cable configurator. Manufacture adapted to your needs for aeronautical use.

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AeroCoax developed by AEROWOOD is a new offer of custom-made coaxial cables.

These cables are manufactured on demand in our workshop and at an affordable price.

Simply follow 4 steps to make your assemblies.

The cable is then pre-assembled and delivered ready to use.

Choose your coaxial cable (black or brown color depending on our stock)

RG58A/U : Standard cable for ULM and experimental avionics installations. Armored single-strand conductor, PVC sheath.

RG58C/U : Standard cable for ULM and experimental avionics installations. Shielded single-strand conductor, non-PVC sheath.

RG400 : Standard cable for radio installations. Stranded conductor with double armour. Approved for certified aircraft.

RG142 : Solid conductor with double armor. Approved for certified aircraft.

Choose input/output connectors

Male BNC : Male BNC connector.

BNC female: female BNC connector.

TNC male : TNC male connector

TNC female : TNC female connector.

None : The end of the cable will be left without a connector.

Choose the length

Between 0.5 and 10 m in length.


A custom-made coaxial cable for radio avionics, transponder antenna is an electrical cable that is manufactured to meet the specific requirements of a given application in an avionics system. It is typically used to connect aircraft communication and navigation equipment, such as radio and transponder antennas, to control boxes and display screens.

Coaxial cables for avionics are usually made from high-quality materials to withstand extreme conditions, such as high temperatures, vibrations, mechanical shock, and electromagnetic radiation. Exterior coatings and connectors are often made of high-corrosion resistant materials to ensure a long service life in aviation environments.

Custom coaxial cables for avionics are typically manufactured to specific specifications, such as outside diameter, number of conductors, duct types, connectors, and electrical characteristics.

It usually includes:

  1. A central conductor that carries the electrical signal. It is usually made of copper or copper and aluminum alloy for good electrical conductivity.
  2. A screen that is usually made from a metal sheath that surrounds the central conductor to protect against electromagnetic disturbances.
  3. An outer sheath that protects the cable from external conditions. It is usually made of plastic, such as PVC or TPE, for better resistance to high temperatures and mechanical shocks.

It is important to note that coaxial cables for avionics must meet strict safety standards set by aviation certification authorities to ensure the reliability and safety of aircraft equipment.

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