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Pilot Communications Europe Ltd has been developing and manufacturing headsets, intercoms, accessories and communication equipment since 1996.

"We listen so you can hear" expresses our philosophy that has allowed us to become one of the leading manufacturers of personal communication headsets in the world.

Pilots' long-established reputation as a name synonymous with quality and reliable communication products has allowed us to work alongside some of the world's leading communications companies covering aviation, motorsports and auditory conversations.

Understanding our customers' needs is paramount to our success. We listen to your requirements and then strive to satisfy your needs.

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Reference: P51C Cadet

Brand: PILOT Communication

Cadet P51C Helmet for Kids

The Cadet P51C helmet is the perfect choice for young, aspiring pilots. Designed to fit children's heads, this professional-grade helmet offers optimal comfort and maximum safety. The vintage design of the P51C is reminiscent of the famous fighter jets of World War II, and kids will love thinking of themselves as real pilots while playing. Available in...

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