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copy of Garmin G5 for Aircraft Certified

The GARMIN G5 is certified aircraft navigation equipment designed to improve the safety and efficiency of your flight. This high-performance device displays clear and accurate navigation information on its color LCD display, such as altitude, speed, direction and heading. It is also compatible with modern flight management systems and can be easily...

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Discover DIMATEX, the specialist in tailor-made professional luggage storage!

Created in 1996, located on the outskirts of Greater Lyon on a strategic motorway junction, DIMATEX is an SME specializing in technical fabrics. The company designs, produces and markets textile equipment (cases, covers, cases, bags, fall arrest belts, signal vests, etc.) intended exclusively for professionals, in sectors as varied as aeronautics, medical, defense or rescue.

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CPVA STAMPE Angers velcro patch

Magnificent logo of the CPVA Angers which is the training and aerobatic center of Angers. Decorative patch to attach to flight bags or boards DIMATEX.

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Helmet bag - METAR Blue

The Metar Headset DIMATEX bag conforms to DIMATEX's rugged and unique style. Made of lightweight and abrasion-resistant material. It can fit all Bose, DAVID CLARK and Lightspeed headsets. Patches not included.

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