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David Clark Company has pioneered the design, development and manufacture of protective equipment for air and space crews since 1941, with products ranging from anti-G suits to space suits.

DAVID CLARK Company's tradition of providing crew protection equipment for state-of-the-art manned aerospace programs continues into the future as our designers apply their expertise to protecting passengers and crew in the commercial spaceflight market.

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Black foam filter for headphone earphone DAVID CLARK

Exhibit n°7 represented in the exploded view of a helmet DAVID CLARK. This foam filter makes it possible to properly isolate external noise. This filter must be properly applied for optimal acoustic performance.

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Reference: 18900G-47


Kit of 4 spare screws for helmet DAVID CLARK

Kit of 4 spare screws. This is screws allow you to attach the earphones inside your headphones. If you buy new speakers because yours are defective, don't forget to buy these screws. You will need 2 screws per earpiece.

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