Ki-ose390 - Surface and hand cleaners and disinfectants


Ki-ose390 is a dual-use antiseptic wipe for hand and surface disinfection.

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Ki-ose390 is a dual purpose antiseptic wipe for hand and surface disinfection. Dermatologically tested, Ki-ose390 is an effective disinfectant specially designed forÇdesigned for the'for in-cabin use by members of the'crew during the flight. The wipes are used by the'the wipes are used by the crew for multiple applications in the galleys (surfaces in contact with foodstuffs), all surfaces on the carts, in the toilets and in the cabin but also to disinfect the hands. Ki-ose390 is safe for the skin and is not harmful to the skin'ki-ose 390 is skin safe and will not harm fabrics, plastics, metals, rubber or other surfaces.


  • Dermatologically tested - safe for the skin

  • Antiseptic solution for rapid hand antisepsis and

    disinfection of small surfaces and equipment

  • 150 x 200 mm spunlace non-woven wipe, does not tear


  • Very light floral fragrance

  • Bag of 30 wipes ready to use'ready to use or individual sachet

  • Kills 99.99% of the most harmful bacteria, viruses and fungi, (see tests of'effectiveness tests



  • Ki-ose390 is a dual purpose wipe specially adapted for the'crew to clean and disinfect:
  • Hands and skin for good hygiene in all circumstances, before meals, after interventions in the toilets, after the distribution of dishes.

  • Surfaces such as kitchens, carts, toilet seats, passenger shelves...
  • Use biocides with care. Before use, read the label and the information information about the product.
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