Portable GPS GARMIN aera® 660, Atlantic


Rugged and specially designed portable navigator with built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver and 5-inch sun-readable screen

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Advanced capabilities in a portable package

  • Rugged and specially designed portable navigator with built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver and 5-inch sun-readable screen
  • Intuitive and simple touchscreen and unique power button make it easy to move around the screen
  • 3D Vision perspective view shows terrain, obstacles, airport environment, optional traffic, nearest airport and more
  • Wireless connectivity from the cockpit via Connext® broadcasts weather and traffic from compatible aircraft
  • Reduce cord and database prices with Wi-Fi® database downloads and GARMIN affordable browsing database

Consciousness in your hand

The aera 660 aeronautical notebook puts the latest technology GARMIN in the palm of your hand and continues our tradition of creating innovative navigators that date back to the early days of portable aviation GPS. While the aera 660 is lightweight, compact, and fits into any flight bag, it's packed with capabilities as well.   As a dedicated navigator, it quickly and reliably acquires GPS and GLONASS satellite constellations and combines advanced navigation tools with rich, interactive and dynamically drawn aviation maps. And it displays it all on a bright 5-inch diagonal sunlight-readable capacitive touchscreen. 

The icons of the aera 660 are instantly familiar to anyone who has used a touchscreen  GPS/NAV/COMMGARMIN GTN ™, an integrated G5000® cockpit or even the GARMIN Pilot  ™ app, and the intuitive interface allows you to move quickly on the map screen, Pinch to zoom and more. Meanwhile, the power button at the top provides access to quick settings, including portrait or landscape orientation, volume, and brightness. 

En un coup d'oeil

Comprehensive flight mapping

The Aera 660 Portable Aviation is preloaded with detailed flight mapping, terrain and obstacle alerts, US, European and Canadian SafeTaxi® maps and an optional AOPA Airport Directory or AC-U-KWIK Global Airport Directory to put a multitude of resources at your fingertips including local fuel prices (US only).  The terrain chart page offers both above and vertical profile views of the topography beneath you. Switch to IFR map mode to view and navigate high or low en route airways, and use your touch map slider to reference MEAs (Minimum En-Route Altitudes) and distances between intersections.  The aera 660 even provides vertical navigation guidance (VNAV) for Simplify transitions en route.

You'll stay on top of special airspace activity with over 650 parachute zone details (US only) and get airspace information with a single touch. Smart Airspace GARMIN guidance highlights the airspace closest to your current altitude and desharpens irrelevant airspace so you can quickly identify your position relative to the airspace around you. ™  And, of course, the aera 660 includes our signature of direct navigation to and from the nearest airport.

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Connect with your panel

With an optional power/data cable (sold separately), the aera 660 connects to your avionics GARMIN to accept flight plans from your GTN 750/650 navigators, as well as download the standby frequencies of your GTR 200 Comm, GTR 225 Radio Comm or GNC 255 NAV/COMM radio. It also provides your NAV/COMM GARMIN radios with the GPS position source needed to search for Nearest frequencies.

Weather and wireless traffic

Using Bluetooth® connectivity via Connext GARMIN technology , the aera 660 easily interfaces with compatible devices to reduce clutter in your cockpit and enhance your flying experience. With a portable ADS-B / SiriusXM receiver GARMIN GDL 52 or an all-in-one ADS-B transponder   ® ®    GTX 345 , you can access and view weather without an ADS-B¹ subscription and advanced traffic alerts, including TargetTrendTM and TerminalTrafficTM relative motion tracking, so you are aware of potential conflicts in terminal airspace very        It even allows wireless control of GARMIN VIRB® action  cameras to start and stop recording and taking  photos.

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Get a 3D perspective

The revolutionary 3D vision technology gives you a 3D perspective virtual view behind the aircraft of the surrounding terrain derived from GPS/GLONASS and onboard terrain database. Slide your finger across the touchscreen to rotate the view and view land and water features, obstacles, runways, and airport signs in relative proximity to the aircraft.   And when you connect the aera 660 to an attitude source via a Flight Stream 210 or Flight Stream 510, a GDL 52 portable data link, or a GTX 345 ADS-B transponder, the synthetic vision and attitude control rods GARMIN SVX are automatically added to your display.  

In addition, with its future-oriented terrain avoidance capability, the aera 660 predicts in advance where towers or obstacles may exist and shades the landscape with amber or red overlays to indicate these areas. Also get help to avoid conflicts with GARMIN WireAware ™ anti-phone call technology, which graphically overlays the Dangerous Obstacle Transmission (HOT) lines that span rivers and canyons directly on the moving map page, for the United States as well as in some locations in Canada and Mexico. Tap the cable to display MSL and AGL heights, and see the color-coded obstacle alert based on your distance from the hazard.   An optional comprehensive database that includes all power lines is also available.

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Stay up to date with GARMIN

With the aera 660, you can cut the cord - and your database prices. You can update databases over Wi-Fi instead of connecting to a computer, and stay up to date throughout the year with a single, affordable annual subscription that includes all the databases you need.  including the GARMIN navigation database (US, Canada and Mexico version only).

All-in-one functionality

The Aera 660 serves as a Class I or Class II electronic flight bag, greatly reducing the need to rely on paper charts in the cockpit. En-route VFR and IFR charts georeferenced in the United States are preloaded to show the position of your aircraft overlaid directly on the corresponding map.  and optional European and Canadian VFR and IFR charts and airport charts are also available.

In IFR card mode, the aera 660 can display Victorian airways, jet routes, leg distance and more, just like traditional en route maps. In addition, drivers who prefer Jeppesen charts and charts can use the built-in ChartView feature, which uses Jeppesen's extensive library to provide global georeferenced mapping capabilities.   European users receive improvements to the European VFR map to see even more visual reference points, including borders, lakes, roads, grasslands, parks and more.

aera 660 docking station

Designed to securely hold your aera 660 for office use in your FBO pilot home, office or lounge, this rugged metal mounting bracket works with the USB cables and power adapter that come with your portable browser – allowing you to keep your device charged, while positioning it on the aera's touchscreen so you can use it to set up flight plans, View airport information and perform other key planning tasks before the flight, comfortably and conveniently.

In a class of its own

With its long list of features, the aera 660 combines many of the capabilities of panel-mounted avionics with a package specifically designed for great value for money. It's a dedicated partner that's ready to fly, right out of the box. 

Performance physique

  • Dimensions physiques: 5,5 "L x 3,4" H x 0,8 "P (14,1 x 8,7 x 2,1 cm)
  • Taille de l'écran, LxH: 4,35 "L x 2,61" H (11,1 x 6,6 cm); Diag de 5,08 "(12,9 cm)
  • Résolution d'affichage, LxH: 480 x 800; orientation portrait et paysage
  • Type d'écran: écran tactile TFT couleur WVGA avec rétroéclairage blanc
  • Poids: 8,64 onces (245 g) avec batterie; 7,23 onces (205 g) sans pile
  • Batterie: lithium-ion amovible et rechargeable
  • Autonomie de la batterie: jusqu'à 4 heures dans la plupart des conditions diurnes (rétroéclairage à 80%) et connectivité sans fil dans le cockpit, par exemple GTX 345; jusqu'à 6 heures dans des conditions nocturnes typiques (rétroéclairage de 5%) et sans connectivité sans fil.
  • Récepteur SBAS / WAAS / GLONASS: haute sensibilité avec précision de position WAAS
  • Plage de tension: 10-35
  • IFR ou VFR: VFR
  • Compatible avec les alertes TIS (Traffic Information Services): oui
  • Accepte les cartes de données: oui (cartes microSD ™)

Contenu de la boîte

  • aera 660
  • Support de joug avec câble d'alimentation
  • Batterie
  • adaptateur pour courant alternatif
  • cable USB
  • Manuel de démarrage rapide et documentation associée

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Rugged and specially designed portable navigator with built-in GPS/GLONASS receiver and 5-inch sun-readable screen

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