1 x AA48110-2 Tempest Spin-On Oil Filter Cartridge


1 x AA48110-2 Tempest Screw-On Oil Filter Cartridge.

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Get on board with confidence with the Tempest AA48110-2 Oil Filter. Designed to provide maximum efficiency and superior engine protection, this aviation filter is widely recognized for its ruggedness and unwavering reliability.

This oil filter uses pleated synthetic filter media to capture contaminants without compromising oil flow. It's also constructed of heavy-duty steel to withstand the harshest flight conditions, and includes a special gasket to prevent oil leakage.

The Tempest AA48110-2 Oil Filter is renowned for its ease of installation and compatibility with a variety of aircraft models, making it a favorite choice for pilots and aviation mechanics.

Table of Main Features:

Model AA48110-2
Mark Tempest
Usage Aviation
Type Oil Filter
Construction Durable steel
Filter Media Pleated Synthetic
Installation Easy
Gasket Special to prevent oil leaks
Compatibility Wide range of aircraft models
Weight 0.666 kg

Technical Specifications:

Box Thickness 0.019"
Base Plate Thickness 0.187"
Burst Pressure 700 psi
Media size 311 sq. in.
OEM Supplier Robinson TCM

For more details, please refer to the downloadable table.

Note on the difference with other models:

The Champion CH48110-1 and the Tempest AA48110-2 have the same fit and functionality, and are interchangeable. The difference between the Tempest AA48108-2 and the AA48110-2 is in the threading: the AA48108-2 has female threads, while the AA48110-2 has male threads. It is essential to check compatibility with your aircraft before choosing the AA48110-2 model.

Experience a safer, more reliable flight with the Tempest AA48110-2 Oil Filter. Order today!

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