1 cartridge AA48103-2 Tempest Screw-on Oil Filter


1 cartridge AA48103-2 Tempest screw-on oil filter.

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Tempest's EZ SPIN filters are designed to come off easily. Heat, time, and pressure can expel oil, grease, DC4® compound, or similar liquid lubricants between a filter's rubber seal and the filter's mounting pad — leaving the filter seemingly "glued" to the engine's mounting pad — and making it nearly impossible to remove. Tempest's exclusive SPIN EZ adherent solid seal lubricant stays where it is supposed to – between the seal and the surface of the mounting bracket. SPIN EZ solid lubricant will not extrude or gush out under the seal. It prevents the binding training environment from sticking legacy filters.

Avoid frustrations. Save time and money. No more disordered DC-4 compound. No more stabbed cans. On your next filter change, upgrade to state-of-the-art Tempest SPIN EZ oil filters - the filter that comes off without a fight!

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