New, certified version, the ICOM IC-A25CEFRII.

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This product has a warranty of 2 years.


All the performance and features of the IC-A25CE in approved on-board main radio version!

The IC-A25CEFRII transceivers can be used as the main radio of a ULM, CNRA, CNRAC, CNSK aircraft, with the following limitations of use: flight level below FL150 and maximum speed 300 km/h.

These radios can be included on the LSA list of on-board equipment and are issued with JAA FORM ONE.

They can also be used on board hot air balloons, gas balloons, mixed balloons and hot air airships including those operating under CDN regime, in strict compliance with the scope of Regulation (EU) 2018/395 (in French airspace only, in class E, F and G airspace outside RMZ (Radio Mandatory Zone) and in an RTZ if this use is planned when the space is created).

The + Products

  • High visibility display and "Day/Night" mode
  • 8.33/25 kHz channel spacing in accordance with the new regulations
  • "Side Tone" function for signal feedback
  • VOX function: automatic voice triggering
  • "Flip-Flop" function: automatic channel memorization
  • ANL (Automatic noise limiter): automatic reduction of ambient noise (engine, ...)
  • IP57 waterproof (dust and water)

IC-A25CEFR livrée avec :

Antenne FA-B02AR, Batterie BP-288, Chargeur BC-224 (avec alimentation secteur BC-123SE), Clip MB-133, Dragone, filtre FL- IFFL2, alimentation CP-20, câble BNC 1 mètre et JAA FORM 1

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